Meet the Team



Prithivi Raj Logan

Founder & COO

Prithivi Raj Logan is a seasoned real estate investor with passion in development of land. Raj is also a serial entrepreneur with experience in multiple businesses from a very young age. He quit his senior management position in IT to focus on Real Estate Development projects.


Ram Muthu

Founder & CFO

Ram Muthu has been in the Texas Real Estate Industry since 2004 in various capacities as a Realtor and Mortgage Loan Officer. He has worked on hundreds of residential and commercial transactions as an agent, all through referrals. Ram has helped his clients buy successful investment properties with good rate of returns. Ram started Real Estate Investment groups to buy multifamily in 2014 and later on joined with Prithivi Raj Logan to start Thinkk Big Investments to invest in all types of commercial investment properties. Ram is a Computer Science graduate with extensive experience in IT Data Security and Compliance in senior management roles. He is also a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses and investment experience.